What $$$ Can Buy

Here is a useful list to show how far money donated to Running Chicken can go.

$5 can buy:  a bed net (lasts five years) to prevent malaria.  Malaria is the leading cause of death for children in Kenya. Proper use of insecticide-treated bed nets is the most effective malaria prevention measure available at this time.

$10 can buy:  a book for the library at the home and resource center for vulnerable children.

$25 can buy:  a school uniform including shoes to ensure that the inability to pay this mandatory expense does not prevent a child from going to school 

$50 can buy:  three months of medical care for all 14 residents of the home and resource center for vulnerable children 

$100 can buy:  New pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils for the outreach feeding program that serves more than 600 students and children in the community 

$200 can buy:  8 complete school uniforms, including shoes.  While primary education is free in Kenya, school uniforms are mandatory and present a prohibitive cost to families living in poverty.

$1000 can buy:  Six months of meals for more than 600 students.  For students at Dago Thim Primary school – many of whom walk more than 2km to and from school - this lunch is sometimes the only reliable meal of the day.

$15,000 can buy:  A year of operating expenses for the home and resource center for vulnerable children.  The current 14 residents and other at-risk children in the community visit the center for basic living, medical and educational resources. Meeting our goal ensures that the needs of these children are met. 

(list created by Veronica Ensign, originally posted June 2012)