Old Text Describing Our Mission

This is very old text we used to describe our mission, I believe from 2007-2008.  

MISSION:  “Running Chicken endeavors to address the delicate balance of challenges and opportunities that globalization presents, especially to the developing world. Running Chicken was founded on the belief that youth and women must be armed with appropriate training and technology, freedom to explore and invent creatively and ownership and accountability for activities that produce positive and sustainable social and economic outcomes.”

WHAT WE DO:  “ Running Chicken provides charitable and sustainable support to youth and women by initiating and supporting social entrepreneurial activities in developing countries and poor communities in the United States. Running Chicken develops and supports projects that improve educational access and quality, encourage gender equity, advance healthcare and innovative use of technology.  Running Chicken also offers financial, technical and intellectual support to preexisting organizations that provide opportunity in education and health for youth and women, such as schools, orphanages and medical clinics.”